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 Darkknightness: Updates as they come

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Darkknightness: Updates as they come Empty
PostSubject: Darkknightness: Updates as they come   Darkknightness: Updates as they come EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 2:07 am

Well I got some leather for my coupe finally lovin it ...
Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG01922-20110903-1222Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG01926-20110904-1233Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG01925-20110904-1233

And I wanted door panels to match but i took these seats from a sedan so i made my own...I was gonna go with the black and Biege look but it's really hard to paint beige over dark blue carpet. So i just made it all black

I messed up I should have left it like this...I never should tried the beige but I didn't know
Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG02027-20110914-1013

So all black it is ...kinda looks like it's suede....but sure as hell doesn't feel like it is ....
Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG02037-20110915-1641Darkknightness: Updates as they come IMG02038-20110915-1641
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Darkknightness: Updates as they come
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